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IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement

March 2013

To the officers and members of the IAHR member societies and affiliates:

If you have any problems forwarding this, please send the members this link http://www.iahr.dk/bulletins/2013/index.html and kindly urge them to open it and spend some time browsing the latest issue of the IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement.


  1. Introductory Summary
  2. IAHR XXI Quinquennial World Congress 2015, in Erfurt, Germany: 1st Circular
  3. IAHR Regional & Special Conferences 2013
  4. International Committee Meeting, Liverpool, September 4, 2013
  5. Recommendations of the IASR Consultation on The Future of the International Association for the History of Religions
  6. Response by the IAHR Executive Committee to the IASR Recommendations
  7. Revised Rules for IAHR Special  & Regional Conferences
  8. Membership Developments
  9. Re-admission Policy Following Lapsed Membership
  10. Deadline for Recommendations for IAHR Honorary Life Membership Extended
  11. IAHR Website Updated

Please do not hesitate to write in case you have any questions regarding the IAHR.


Tim Jensen
IAHR General Secretary

Invitation for Bids for Hosting the IAHR XXIth Quinquennial World Congress in 2015
IAHR XXIth Quinquennial World Congress in 2015

Executive Committee 2010-2015

  • Rosalind I.J. Hackett (United States)
  • Ingvild S. Gilhus (Norway)
  • Abdulkader Tayob (South Africa)
  • Tim Jensen (Denmark)
  • Maria del Mar Marcos Sanchez (Spain)
  • Brian Bocking (Ireland)
  • Marianna Shakhnovich (Russia)
  • Morny Joy (Canada)
  • Abrahim H. Khan (Canada)
  • Silas Guerriero (Brazil)
  • Satoko Fujiwara (Japan)
  • Amarjiva Lochan (India)