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IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement

August 2017

To the officers and members of the IAHR member societies and affiliates:

If you have any problems forwarding this, please send the members this link http://www.iahr.dk/bulletins/2017/august/index.html and kindly urge them to open it and spend some time browsing the latest issue of the IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement.


  1. Introductory Summary
  2. Minutes from the IAHR International Committee Meeting, Erfurt, 2015
  3. Minutes from the IAHR General Assembly, Erfurt, 2015
  4. International Committee Meeting, Bern, June, 2018
  5. IAHR Honorary Life Membership: Call for Suggestions
  6. IAHR XXII Quinquennial World Congress in Dunedin, New Zealand, August, 2020
  7. EASR-IAHR Joint-Statement on the European Academy of Religion
  8. Upcoming IAHR Special and Regional Conferences
  9. Report on the World Humanities Conference

Appendix: Approval of Acting Secretary General by the Executive Committee: Extract from the Minutes

Please do not hesitate to write in case you have any questions regarding the IAHR.


Satoko Fujiwara
Acting IAHR General Secretary