Rules and Procedures for IAHR Co-sponsored Conferences

(updated August 2012)

The IAHR holds a World Congress every five years. In between the five year congresses, the IAHR sponsors at least one conference a year during which the Executive Committee or its officers can hold annual business meetings and the International Committee can meet (usually) triennially. Because the IAHR has increased its membership considerably, there is a growing demand from member societies to hold IAHR-sponsored events. Therefore, the IAHR attempts to sponsor more than one conference per year.

IAHR co-sponsorship involves sponsoring conferences arranged by a society outside the membership of the IAHR. In order to obtain IAHR co-sponsorship, it is required that one of the members of the IAHR Executive Committee proposes the sponsorship and will normally take an active part in the event. Proposals from constituent (national and regional) member associations and societies as well as from affiliate societies can also be accepted by the Executive Committee. It is required that at least one more international academic association is also a co-sponsor and that participants are from not fewer than three different countries. Furthermore, attempts should be made by the hosting association to cover the travel and living expenses of at least two key people from countries with weak currencies and the expenses of the IAHR representative should also be covered. The representative of the IAHR should be allowed time to speak about the IAHR and its activities. It is further recommended that attention be paid to gender balance in terms of speakers as well as of participants.

It is also required that the Secretary General of the IAHR is kept informed about developments and is provided with conference programs and the address list of the participants. Furthermore, publication of the proceedings must be consistent with the IAHR congress publication policy. Three free copies of any publications resulting from the event should also be provided to the Secretary General.

Within two months of the event, the host of an IAHR co-sponsored conference should provide the IAHR Secretary General with a brief ( max.1000 words) report on the conference suitable to be reproduced in an IAHR Bulletin or an IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement.

In return, the IAHR co-sponsored conference organizers can expect coverage of the event in the IAHR Bulletin, IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement and at the IAHR Website as well as possible access to IAHR avenues of publication such as NVMEN