Steering Committee

Kim Knott

Professor of Religious and Secular Studies
Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YL




Areas of Specialization

  • Religion, place and space
  • Religion, migration and identity
  • Secular/religious relations
  • Media, religion and diversity
  • Ideology and violence
  • Modern Hindu movements


Major Relevant Publications


  • (with M. Vasquez) 'Three dimensions of religious place-making in diaspora', Special Issue: The religious lives of migrant minorities: A multi-sited and transnational perspective, Global Networks, 14:3.
  • 'Religious Differentiation and Diversity in Discourse and Practice', in S. Vertovec (ed) Routledge International Handbook of Diversity Studies, London and NY: Routledge.


  • (with E. Poole and T. Taira), Media Portrayals of Religion and the Secular Sacred: Representation and Change, Farnham and Burlington, Ashgate.
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  • 'The secular sacred: in-between or both/and?', A. Day, C. Cotter and G. Vincett, eds, Social Identities between the Sacred and the Secular, pp. 145-160, Farnham/Burlington: Ashgate.


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  • 'Religion, space and place: The spatial turn in research on religion', Religion and Society: Advances in Research, 1, pp. 29-43.


  • (with S. McLoughlin) eds, Diasporas: Concepts, Identities, Intersections, 391pp, London and New York, Zed Books.
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  • 'Becoming a "faith community": British Hindus, identity and the politics of representation', Journal of Religion in Europe, 2:2, pp. 85-114.
  • 'From locality to location and back again: A spatial journey in the study of religion', Religion, 39:2, pp. 154-60


  • 'Spatial theory for the study of religion', Religion Compass, 2:6, pp. 1102-16.
  • 'Inside, outside and the space in-between: Territories and boundaries in the study of religion', Temenos: The Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion, 44: 1, pp. 41-66


  • (with M. Franks), 'Secular values and the location of religion: A spatial analysis of an English medical centre', Health and Place, 13:1, pp. 224-37.


  • The Location of Religion: A Spatial Analysis, 256pp, London/Oakville CT, Equinox


Other Information of Interest

Publicly-Funded Research Projects

  • 2005-10 - 'Diasporas, Migration and Identities' Research Programme (AHRC) £452,000 (direction and management of this £6.2mil programme)
  • 2006 - 'Arts and humanities research on the roots, practice and consequences of terrorism' (Home Office), with A. McFadyen, S. McLoughlin and M. Francis. £35,589
  • 2008-10 - 'Media portrayals of religion and the secular sacred' (AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme), with Dr E. Poole (Staffordshire University) £219,328
  • 2010-11 - 'Programme Director's Impact Fellowship: Crossing borders, disciplines, boundaries', (AHRC) £140,000
  • 2011-16 - 'Realising impact and innovation in the arts and humanities', University of Leeds Transformation Fund, with the Faculty of Arts (competitively awarded), £1.75mil, Knott was project leader, with 7 co-investigators.
  • 2012-14 - 'Religion, discourse and diversity: UK/Canada collaboration' (ESRC International Partnership and Networking Scheme), with L. Beaman (University of Ottawa) £21,911
  • 2012-15 - 'The role of ideology, belief and commitment in motivations, justifications and catalysts for action in the face of uncertainty' (RCUK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellowship) £473,085.
  • 2013-16 - 'Iconic Religion' (HERA Cultural Encounters Programme), with V. Krech (PI, Bochum) and B. Meyer (Utrecht), €997,000, Knott: €247,000. 2013-14 'Threat Group Case Study: Aum Shinrikyo' (BAE Systems/Defence Human Capability Science and Technology Centre, for DSTL), £11,911.